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Brandon Kuhn, a Brooks Institute of Photography graduate, with a degree in scientific and industrial photography, specializing in stunning underwater portraits, nature in its finest essence, amazing architecture, commercial imagery, Events and portraits, as well as food photography. Brandon travels across the globe searching for electrifying imagery to show the world. Capturing moments in time above and below the surface of the oceans, Brandon reinvents these treasures along with our personal treasures by encompassing his creativity through his work. Within the realm of visual media, Brandon captures the intensity with a vast range of education, understanding, appreciation, and knowledge. Raised in the sleepy little beach town of San Clemente, California and now serving the Beautiful Pacific Northwest area now that Brandon has recently relocated to the Seattle, Washington area.

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If you are looking to add some color to those white walls, Brandon is able to print high quality images that will make your residence or business look great!


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